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and. very intricate and much. only on past and. this is tonight the reality in iraq where hundreds of civilians have been slaughtered this month as to how this radicals ravaged through the country leaving carnage and destruction in their wake. one of the militant frontline isis is commandeering the youngest and most vulnerable now are also feeding internet users with a dose of jihad this propaganda. big business but it's back u.s. firms try to talk washington out of burdening russia with more sanctions fearing of their own profits could take a hit that this. international
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with me kevin owen just after eleven pm now here moscow and our top story tonight iraq's prime minister says he supports syria's strikes against isis militants that's despite the u.s. warning other nations to stay out of the conflict the insurgents have already seized several bases oil and gas fields conducting the discriminant bombing attacks along the way that you how this bloody advance has already left more than a thousand people dead many civilians according to the u.n. earlier on thursday a suicide bomber struck a market in the neighborhood of baghdad that killed up to twenty people and on wednesday six others were killed in the contested city of kirkuk catherine off now reports the details so far murky but what we've heard from officials is that one man a suicide bomber was seen on the street wearing an explosive device that he was actually for the building down there it's. it is political party office apparently
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authorities that see him they tried to intercept him and that is when he detonated his device now if you look around if chaos this is rush hour a lot of people in the streets. the car here completely destroyed this building also you can see there's down manch in the upper floors this must have been an incredibly powerful blast now if we walk this way we think this the blast really did happen so recently that they haven't had a moment to clean up the blood right here we don't know if this is. ok you're probably feeling. we're not exactly sure what's happening there some kind of a motion right now you can see there's kurdish authorities here trying to keep calm very hotly contested city where there are kurds arabs sunnis shias christians turkmen this is a very violent city that has seen many explosions many of clashes over the years
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since the isis the islamic state in iraq and syria militants made their push in northern iraq the iraqi army have essentially fled from these areas allowing the kurds to come in and take control of a lot of people in the city are not happy about that and we're not sure whether this is a top was retribution perhaps for the kurds reasserting their control over this territory they belong to claim this as their historic and cultural palatal. oh look. it's really not safe to be here the authorities have been shooting their weapons into the air we're not sure what's going on but we're going to get out of here before any other attention. there hasn't even been a chance to verify the casualties verify exactly what was the target but we do believe that it was the kurdish political office yesterday we had a chance to speak with the governor of the cuckoos province he said that this was a very very calm city that there haven't been problems with the a taps that security was actually getting better and one of the things that is very clear here from. what we see today is that that's far from the case this the captain of your
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book. but isis fighters are not just equipped with guns they're also armed with hashtags to their uses social media is already making headlines to it is becoming their main propaganda tool in fact they've created man draw it out called the dawn which allows users to find all about their sadistic plans in advance write on their twitter timeline also to visit online brochure selling the perks of living under all for a conservative repressive sharia law and on top of that there's also a nice is gift shop selling cheap t. shirts and hoodies branded with the jihadists emblem. there's also disturbing evidence to the who is being forced to join the militants ranks in this video boys armed with automatic rifles are seen traveling in an isis convoy. human rights groups claim that in the past the fighters have had no qualms about coercing children some as young as fourteen to fight or face execution but political analyst
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was told his fighters really want to portray the iraqi army as the child killers. the iraqi top security leaders have stated in several occasions that the. suffering from the shortage of men minissha of weapons and therefore the recent movie or phone that has been released during the last two days showing that children are getting armed under recruited by the i.s.i. yes shows that the conclusion that the iraqi top security leaders came with a troop of recruiting more people especially the children consider it a very dangerous sign and a very dangerous indication according to the iraqi government the militants are trying to show their government as a children killer and the only counter attack or any counter strike will be made by the iraqi government the children will be killed and therefore the iraqi government is right now reviewing this pretty plans and recent the targets of the militants
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who have been deployed in these areas to be more specific and more accurate in selecting its target and hitting the required targets. so that what to do about all this was froze u.s. secretary of state john kerry is considered he's trying now to push the kurds in northern iraq to stand by while british foreign secretary william hague's going to the regions capital bill friday to discuss the kurdish role in the conflict let's look at why these geopolitical heavyweights currently courting the kurds with former pentagon analyst michael maloof joining us on the line now that michael because of law certainly far from back to baghdad very entrenched in their position why would that change now does washington in london think. well it's not going to change i don't think i think kurdistan the kurds see a golden opportunity to basically declare their independence they've already announced that they're going to have a referendum they do have
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a choice they can either do that or. do what. kerry wants and work with the government in baghdad with the hopes that they're going to get more favorable treatment than they have in the past but it's clear that he has been. resistant to that the kurds the kurds are sunni's and. he is very very recalcitrant toward toward the toward the sunni generally and of course the courage just recently took over the area that surrounds kirk cook got the got much more territory which is a foundation for alternately building an independent kurdistan so i think that they while they listen politely to to secretary kerry i think they have their own interests in mind and i think that's what they're going to pursue or maybe john kerry's go the up his sleeves is going to tempt them with a carrot to such what would that be what does he think he's going to do it to bring
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them on bold of baghdad. well he is hoping that kiwi would agree to. a more all inclusive government but i think already announced that he's not going to do that. and on top of that you have the sudanese who are very upset with him over the period of time in which he has been ruling so i think kerry is just. like too little too late and he's coming in at the eleventh hour and we're long past that and i think that unless something miraculous happens in the parliament in baghdad in which they choose a separate different prime minister which probably may not happen and without moloch you stand on board i think the splitting up of iraq is going to be inevitable given everything that is happening at the moment you think maliki is still in a strong position. no i think it's weakening by the day he's. he's
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lost much of his territory he does not have the support of other elements within the he certainly has no support from the sudanese and the kurds of course whether they listen work politely with him they they have their own national interests in mind and i think that's what they're going to pursue i think moloch he has. he probably could control the portion. of iraq but that will but it's going to change the whole complection of iraq and meantime you have the isis that will be moving right along and they they may they they haven't been fighting that much with the with the kurds because they're sunni as well but i think ultimately. the isis will consolidate all of the other sunni portions of the country and is not in a strong military position to take it back as it is these isis is threatening
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military bases there that that the iraqi military relies upon and given their track record to date in dealing with isis they may cut and run just as they did before and all of that equipment including aircraft helicopters millet's other military equipment could easily be turned over to to isis and you know in one of the big air base we we were to base f. sixteen there if they take that base over it's a question of what what strength what military strength. he will have it's interesting you talk about the relationship between the kurds and isis of us and get the kurds as was saying just now the potentially very rich and sitting on we think an estimated forty five billion barrels of oil that's going to be of interest to isis what's their relationship maybe form their own future or is it dead in the water. well you know i think that kurds will probably pursue their own interests the peshmerga their military their millet militant force has been somewhat
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successful and. holding up the isis advances but you're right there is that oil there and isis may ultimately attempt something but i think. are going to resist that you see you see a much more unified. unification among the kurds and any than anywhere else and i think it would be difficult for isis to do it would be easier for isis to head west and go into jordan and go into southern turkey and consolidate those positions to enhance its caliphate that is building up on and ultimately of course it's got designs on lebanon where i was where i was just visiting so and there's there's tremendous concern there is well i thought isis and merging with al nusra so you're seeing a lot of these forces can the only thing that is working in anybody's favor is that isis has the has
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a military capability but the question is will they be able to govern all that territory they're taking over and already they're fighting from within some of the units and some of the other islamist groups and even actually baptists that they that joined them temporarily to take the territory over but now there's actually been gunfire and an opposition each that will want their own little chunk in each little piece it's a real messy pot a real cold room as you say and then michael maloof thanks ever so much for penda good an analyst as you appreciate your time. sanctions a bad for business in the eyes of industry chiefs in the united states they've launched now that an ad campaign to teach the government and public an economic lesson about the ramifications of restrictions being imposed on russia is a correspondent important with more on what the message is. the u.s. chamber of commerce and the national association of manufacturers are running news newspaper advertisements right now in the new york times the wall street journal
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and the washington post right here you could see the advertisement they are asserting that the only effect of additional sanctions would be to bar u.s. companies from foreign markets in seed business opportunities to firms from other countries that in the as they say that we are concerned about actions that would harm american manufacturers and cost american jobs history shows that unilateral sanctions don't work it's time to put american jobs and growth first now while u.s. business leaders are sounding the alarm meanwhile dow jones is profiting off of the problem it has an advertisement online offering advice of course for a fee to any u.s. companies that are facing any risks are losing any profit so here you see at least one entity trying to make money steer money towards its pocket as these sanctions are patricia would damage their export markets and poison relations with russian customers business leaders say potential restrictions on technology transfers would
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also harm us energy companies that do business in russia and this is precisely what moscow warned of back in march when foreign minister sergei lavrov said any sanctions imposed on russia would be against the united states and the white house told bloomberg news that the obama administration has had frequent conversations with business leaders on the issue and understands their concerns but says the u.s. can't proceed with business as usual the obama administration is threatening to impose more sanctions on russia unless it takes more steps to deescalate the crisis in ukraine so let's go to the politics of all the business news good morning sort of the story go live to new york to talk to michael hudson the let's review can only the university of missouri the program or the would do you think will to be the political business. the logic. it's a very strange business logic it doesn't make sense logically so it has to be political it's the purpose of sanctions obviously is not to hurt us companies it's
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to her it's to make europe and asia but mainly the european countries decide what side are you want are you going to be on the u.s. side or russia you're going to have to choose it's both well you have the germans say well wait a minute if that's the case we're going to choose russia you had congress up in arms because one of the major imports that america has from russia are the engines for owner space the rocket engines that american the and so on on russia for our space so president obama went to congress and said wait a minute we don't want to sanctions to affect the u.s. government of course we want to deal with russia we need russia to. do all sorts of favors for us not only to make rocket engines but to do i helped us get out of afghanistan and it transferred to their territory but it turns out now that within the administration we have the old bush cheney neo cons within the obama
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administration they never left they were the people who were a clinton brought in as secretary of state basically the same neo con center there in ninety eight and what was said it's wait a minute let's not let's build our own rocket engines let's not even have u.s. government trade with russia they are almost fanatical a. unilateral us. yeah i say is one step forward two back isn't it should make you know movers and shakers sometimes step aside let the government decide serious international issues i'm sure you've got a view on that if they let the government do it it's going to not only drive europe out of the orbit it's not only going to drive asia out of the orbit but it will are essential it will force european banks like kerry and others to avoid dealing with u.s. banks to avoid this sanctions and essentially what the sanctions are doing is isolating
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the united states' economy instead of isolating russia they were meant to isolate russia but given the trend of world trade for all of the exports that russia has and for diplomacy there isin their backfiring and isolating the united states to standing back for most a little bit i know you've been watching it closely how much does what's actually happening on the ground in ukraine as the as the shell for them people are buried every day affect the decision making in washington and what we see is that a real correlation there when it comes to calls to punish moscow well obviously there is no correlation at all because russia has already said we're not going to invade ukraine has gone to the russian duma and said take away any possibility of us invading ukraine just so we can show europe that all of these accusations that russia is about to invade europe and. world war two that these are a fantasy so that. the politics are completely at odds with
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european reality and even american reality and former cia members and former american diplomats to russia writing all over the internet saying what on earth is going on this is crazy what's happening and we're shooting ourselves in the foot well obviously obama is not shooting himself on the floor he's a neo he wants to essentially force the rest of the world are so. if you're with us or against us and that's really what these are about the world is saying i'm sorry we can't be with you if you're one of the events dr michael hudson a pleasure to have you on the program for your time said this english research professor of economics at the university of missouri as you off thank you. well threats of sanctions are being bandied about there's also a real human tragedy unfolding in ukraine's east let's not forget that for a moment where the fighting continues and that's why reporting from but after this break.
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this is the media leave us so we leave the media. are the same motions to the way your party years ago. for shoes that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politic only on our. economic down in the final. days. and the rest because i think it will be a prickly. again
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following on for talking about before the break there while big business the. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is continuing to ratchet up the pressure on moscow and apparently the clock is ticking it is critical for russia to show in the next hours literally that they're moving to help disarm the separatists to encourage them to disarm to call on them to lay down their weapons and begin to become part of a legitimate political process so the u.s.
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secretary of state keeps urging moscow to make more peace efforts well at the same time reports from the east say kiev hasn't stopped it shelling despite the president's announcement of a cease fire we've heard from people in the areas hit hardest by say it never came into force anyway. we're still being slapped every day i'm not even saying hit just slops like this richard after one of the shells came down right in my backyard and there were splinters that wounded my wife she's in hospital in critical condition now not the usual sort of well this is the kind of thing we find here. those are from shell splinter what else can they be. all told cities in ukraine he's painted a gloomy picture indeed for the european watchdog delegation who visited the crime a tosk the experts say their mission is to assess the devastation in and around the
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cities and get a firsthand account of life in the war. this is the funeral for one of the russian journalists killed by shelling in ukraine's held no moscow the crew he was with got caught up in shelling while they were covering the ongoing evacuation of civilians by. tickly dangerous area friends family and colleagues gathered in central moscow to say their final farewells to twenty six year old anton valukas he died instantly in the attack his body torn to pieces by a mortar shell while reporter ego corner looked died in hospital thirty minutes later both journalist clearly had press markings on their clothes. and this is the last video filmed by the sole survivor of the attack the camera man he managed to capture the blast that killed both of his colleagues russian prosecutors say the leader of one of the national guard squads was involved in that shelling in this incident here the national guard's mercenary combat division
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specifically formed to assist the army in the military operation against the fired eastern regions but the schools largely operator are on their own accord to said senior lecturer in international relations at moscow state university mark slip border. the government such as it is in kiev has very limited control it depends to a large extent still on these nationalist paramilitary groups for its survival its hold on power in kiev and it has been afraid to challenge them we saw a trade union meeting in kiev attacked by an arm the right sector mob with complete impunity and we have seen this repeatedly that they act they attack individuals groups buildings churches throughout the country and the government does nothing to rein them in and this holds true on the battlefield as well all these pictures are from that incident and played in
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a central kiev hotel where several hundred people still in the trade union meeting the attackers dressed in camouflage clashed with police and smashed windows and doors the group's leader posted on facebook that they were rallying to stop the election of a new chief of. skinny jeans beards told bags and not see slogans meet the latest recruits of the extreme right in germany the media's even come up with a word now to describe the movement. where you. sell things on instagram to log on tumblr to layer not see hip hop extreme writes keeping up with the times it seems there's even a vegan nazi cookery show in each episode to chatty and then the other club was what else explain to viewers how to make an array of dishes journalist john wright spoke from berlin shared his thoughts on the trend but what's important to remember is that not
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a hipster is there one appearing just out on the street corner appearing not a demonstration in january twenty first and mark tuborg it was an attempt by the nazis to throw a march and there was a group behind these trendy as they heard colorful sunglasses on they had these funny looking camera shoes with stars and piercings kind of fuzzy beards like there are so many jokes about the not if you want to they had a bag. please don't shove i've got a yogurt in my bag as long as no answers have been around they've always been trying to copy the youth subcultures you know skinheads were originally kind of a proletarian youth culture of in germany. has been. a way to start the same way like any other nazis you had one thousand five hundred people or more out on the streets blockading in the ninety's actively sitting down preventing them from going on the route. just like all the other nazis of the fashionistas maybe successors but they also say you are what you were don't they we
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are as the secretary of unite against fascism what he thinks should be done about it. real danger is at the moment sadly the harvard of nazi organizations who fought for the first time since the war nazi organization has been elected to the european parliament what they've been able to do is tap into the discontent across europe about unemployment about austerity and there's a lot of number of youth a lot of people being displaced and that sense of displacement as what happened in the nineteenth thirties has been seized on by the nazis by using modern techniques of communication to try and make their ideas more palatable and this means that the hipsters and the people trying to shape fashion tried to make that sceptical that sceptical the nuts reason why i believe that they should be plucked they should be excluded and they should be no part of our society because what they want to reintroduce is the holocaust and i think we should stand because there's nothing to put up either not so. without international debate on news service twenty four
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seven a finger tips about dot com a live update just twenty three thirty three minutes. after the break i was stunned by to discover what many and could be the collateral for tens of millions of pounds worth of property in the u.k. . well into the future. shock thirty five can just bend over fifteen billion euros of excess of each one hundred feet into greece with lots of the mark north to south from st petersburg to france we travel in search of the sun. we've got the future
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covered. his name was. he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the myths that he created exist to this day. propaganda was actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary german self-esteem. keep it's. precisely what the masses need to hear in order to make them follow him he was like the pie paper from the fairy tale that made the rats follow that you know this by. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for tal saw in the west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who walk in the second world war .
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